DIY Vanilla Extract

In Malaysia, you will always find a lot of imitation vanilla or vanilla essence. Only some supermarkets I found sells the real deal, but the price is a little too steep.

But that isn’t the real problem though. I mean, one can get whole vanilla beans nowadays and I find it a waste to throw away the bean pod husks. Sometimes, the bean would dry out already before I could use them… so what better way than to reuse them by making my own vanilla extract?

It’s simple. Just get an empty sterilised bottle and stuff it with vanilla pods (leftovers or fresh ones, up to you.) Then add vodka slowly to submerge the beans. I use Imperia vodka because I find that it doesn’t have a strong smell that you sometimes get from cheaper vodka such as Smirnoff. You can use rum too, but rum definitely has a smell. Close the bottle cap tightly and leave it. Couple months later and there you have it, your very own vanilla extract.

Here’s my vial of (half used) vanilla extract that had been steeped for 5 months. I’ve used two leftover seed pods (I scraped the seeds for some baking goodness) in this 50 ml bottle. The pods I got them on a trip to Bali, so it only costed me 5 USD for 24 beans! Cheap, no?


3 comments on “DIY Vanilla Extract

  1. teambudu says:

    Organic Balinese vanilla beans extracted in fine Russian vodka. Sounds spiffy, and hmm…definitely a marketable product. -Sugamama

  2. Mrs F says:

    can you please suggest a non alcoholic substitute?

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