Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving

Oh hey, it’s been a while. Just a quick update though. Been having fun in Toronto city in Canada and got to have a thanksgiving dinner with some Canadian and Malaysian people.

So Canadian thanksgiving is like a couple weeks earlier than the USA one. Our thanksgiving dinner was somewhat a mix of food cultures: Malaysian, Chinese, and even Russian. Oh there is that turkey as well (it’s already been sliced up). Can you spot what’s what in this photo? Btw, I didn’t cook these.

Also, the weekend weather was great. We got to wear summery clothing for a while. Here’s a picture of Ontario Lake from Toronto.

I still forgot which side of the road I should be looking and also not to get into the driver’s seat. The buildings here also seem so spread out. But all in all, this city is nice to be in. Some more updates when I find the time to write them. Till then, I hope other members of Teambudu will pitch in.

-M (with Sugamama).