Pinkydoodles’ Birthday Cake

It was the birthday of Pinkydoodles couple days ago and so I made a cake for her. The first try using our Dinosaur-OvenTM in KL was a disaster as I haven’t used this oven for baking this new recipe.

So, second try gave me super-domed cakes to which Sugamama, witnessing the making over Skype, asked if I really was baking a cake or did I use a muffin recipe. No, I think it is all thanks to the oven.

So after some cake hacking craftiness, I’ve managed to have 3 layers of good chocolately moist cake. Iced it with strawberry swiss meringue buttercream and chocolate glaze. It looked all set… until Egg-tart came back from work and commented “where’s the cherry on top? you need a cherry!” I knew something looked amiss, thanks Egg-tart on the cherry consultation.

So here it is, Pinkydoodles’ birthday cake.

Here’s the cake in a box for transportation. The candles were bought from Tesco’s some time ago in the UK but never got around to use them… so I brought them back to Malaysia.

We went to The Bee Cafe in Publika, Solaris Dutamas, KL for the birthday celebrations. Good place for good music and drinks. I can’t say that their fuss-free food was really fuss-free. Review of this place in another post, someday.

Pinkydoodles opened the cake box and tadah. She said it was like those cake you see in storybooks when you were little…

Here’s a short video of how it looked with all the candles.

Or here after the candles were blown out.

Thank goodness I managed to hack the cake into 3 almost equal layers.

So here’s the link to the cake recipe by Sweetapolita (but she made it look so much prettier). The only thing I changed in the recipe is the amount of sugar… I reduced the sugar in the icing by half and about 50 g less in the cake.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this cake. It’s the best tasting cake I’ve ever made to be honest. So thanks Sweetapolita for this recipe.


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