G&D’s Compass Stout Ice-cream

As summer finally rolls in, I can’t help myself but to go into one of the G&D’s ice-cream cafes for some of their frozen goodies. G&D’s, originally stood for the founders George and Davis, was first founded back in the early 90’s by two Oxford students. Their first store was on Little Clarendon Street in Oxford (in the UK). Having much success, two more branches were opened in the city of Oxford. I love the fact that the ice-creams are made using local cream (REAL cream), hand made, and many of their flavours are seasonal. I always judge a good ice-cream by tasting the plainest flavour like vanilla or even just cream. G&D’s definitely gets the thumbs up. It’s better than most of the gelato I’ve tried in Italy.

This time, I went into their newest cafe on Cowley Road, George and Delila (the second cafe is called George and Danver, see the pattern here?). I looked to the petition flavour immediately on the menu board as that is the seasonal one. It said “Compass Stout” and a little compass was drawn next to it. I thought it was interesting and decided to give it a try. One scoop of that beige one, please.

G and D's Compass Stout

Compass Stout Ice-cream

The girl who served me told me that the ice-cream is indeed made of stout… as in the beer! Compass is the name of the brewery (they used Compass’ Baltic Night Stout apparently). I was amaze, as I never thought you could make beer ice-cream, but come to think of it, stout is rather creamy…

A spoon in the mouth… hmmm… very creamy, but I don’t know what is this taste… fudge? Where is the beer? Another spoon… then, a subtle touch of earthy that is the stout comes in… superb. I thought that the beer would be very strong and possibly stale, but it was nothing of that sort at all. It was creamy, not too sweet, almost like caramel but with a hint of sourness and malt from the stout.

Having said that though, one scoop is enough for me. It is a good flavour but can’t have too much of it, unlike their matcha ice-cream… but then again, I’m a green tea fan. So, if you ever find yourself in the city of Oxford, do sample the local ice-cream.