A Belated Xmas and A Happy New 2013!

I hope you had a good year end holiday. I had a lovely but short one.


We made our own Christmas tree. I mean, we all went to buy the tree, but Pinkydoodles and I made the decorations of cinnamon sticks and orange slices. Got some candy to put it up too so the tree is quite edible :D.






Oh yeah, made gingerbread people and gave them away as Christmas gifts.Image


For Christmas, we drank this marvellous wine. Galatrona 2008 Petrolo. Lovely. That’s my cousin happily posing with this wine (and she said she didn’t mind being in the picture).Image


I made this white looking cake for New Year.


It’s a cherry chipped cake! I know it’s not perfect…



We celebrated the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 on our balcony overlooking KLCC and spectacular fireworks… with lots of wine!

Happy New Year, everyone. May the year bring lots of happiness!



Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

It is the time of year where we give and receive mooncakes to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. We used to play with lots of lanterns as children… ah, the good ol’ days. We did however still love our basic mooncakes and animal shapes. None of this ping bei business, please (those are usually given as gifts, but really they can’t beat the traditional crust with red bean filling).

Our selection of red bean paste mooncakes in animal shapes and traditional moon shape (top right). Nice to look at, nice to eat! These were bought from the SS2 Sunday market, except for the piggy with the ribbon… Pinkydoodles bought that one from somewhere else.

Happy mid-autumn!


Herb Herb Hurray!

Before my gardening days (literally three months ago), I would cringe whenever a recipe called for fresh parsley or basil or any kind of fresh herb. I rarely buy fresh herbs from the supermarket because they usually come in such a generous bunch (from which I pluck a few stalks) that most of it always ends up decomposing in my fridge. There is nothing more sad than finding a wilted piece of vegetable in your refrigerator box and having to recall its former vibrance just a few weeks ago when you came across it in the market- it poised on top of a pile of its comrades; and you paying for it, bringing it home and shoving it into a cold plastic grave labeled “Controlled Humidity”. All this is making me think of the movie “Grave of the Fireflies”.

Anyway, I usually substitute any call for fresh herbs with the equivalent dehydrated form or forgo the ingredient all together.

I found a solution to the herb problem, one that’s probably already obvious to all but me until recently when I discovered the magical land of the Garden Center. Hurray for container grown herbs for 2CAD$! Now I’m glad to say that I have a nice selection of common culinary herbs in my backyard.


Ahh, the big leaf basil. King of Herbs. I use  this in everything. Basil truly adds a  restaurant flare to almost any amateur dish. I’m not  sure if I’m supposed to let it bloom like that  but dog gone I love this plant! I might name  my next dog after it.

I have two types of lemon thyme: regular and  veriegated. As far as flavor goes, both are  identical. I guess it’s up to presentation of the  dish.

I decided to create an herb urn (say it aloud!  “Herb-Urn”). I potted the thyme along with  mint, oregano, dwarf curry and lavender. The  lavender’s sort of the odd one out. Apparently  lavender with TLC can live for a good 20  years. Pretty neat.

A friend of mine bestowed upon me the first ripe tomato from her garden, an honour I won’t forget. It compelled me to want my own tomato plant, but it’s already too late into the season so I guess I’ll have to wait for next year.

Over and out. -Sugamama

A spark…

A conversation with my mother led to the creation of this blog. I have always wanted to note down my mother’s recipes. Then there is my father who is a big wine buff. My sisters are also foodies and we all like experimenting in the kitchen. So, here it is. A blog to chronicle our journey through life with gastronomic overtones. The name of the blog was formulated from the fact that our origins are from a certain state in Kelantan. Yes, we are the people from the Land of the Lightning and we love our budu.