Running Around London pt. 2: Fuller’s beer

While my cousins visited London and do all that touristy stuff, one of the cousins (i.e. Sharon) was keen to try as many beers as possible. Already she had been around the UK tasting different types of beer, so while in London, we headed to a nearby Fuller’s pub to sample some brew.

 Here’s some of the beer we tried at The Pilot Inn near where we were staying. The pub was friendly enough, but nothing unique about the place apart from the flowery exterior. So we tried the beers as shown in the insert, from left: London Pride, Aspall’s apple cider, Fuller’s Chiswick Bitter, Organic Honey Dew. The Honey Dew was my favourite, as it really have the floral scent of honey and some fruity flavours that really reminded me of honey dew melon. It was sweet, but not overly so and a hint of refreshing lemon to it. I hate apple ciders, so I thought the worst was that. The two other beers to me was as ales should be: bitter, hoppy, and generally a sort of roundness of flavour to it. Sharon thought London Pride was the best, as it was more malty and less hoppy than the bitter.

OK, time for some non-food pictures:

 View from the apartment my cousins were renting. Yes, it is North Greenwich in the East End of London. The Thames was looking so lovely in the setting sun.

Apart from the usual London attractions such as the Eye, Big Ben, Westminister Abbey, I also went back to Greenwich. I love Greenwich. It’s like a lovely little town on its own. There are not as many tourists as in the central London too, so I feel more relaxed. You can visit museums such as the Maritime Museum and the Observatory, as well as the beautiful Royal Naval College. Here’s a picture of The Painted Hall in the College. Does it look familiar? This was used as a location for Pirates of the Carribean 4. Mr. Depp/ Cpt. Sparrow even left his outfit behind in there to prove it. Right, that’s all, anymore and I may sound like a Visit Britain Information Guide.