Backtrack: back to Oxford for the last time (?).

So I’ve just ended my travels around the world. It’s good to be back in Kuala Lumpur for who knows how long.

The first stop in my journey was actually the UK in late September. I was back in Oxford once again and possibly the last time for non other than my graduation.

My, do I look spiffing in my clown suit?

To graduate in this sort of place was sure grand. Glamourous even, but I was ready to leave this academic town to be honest. I’ll miss some of the eats, of course.

Anyway, to celebrate: we went to nearby Woodstock for high tea.

Tea time at the Bear Inn in Woodstock was very good, much better than any I’ve had in Oxford itself. British scones are the best! Don’t mind the Panadol pack in the picture, this was the beginning of my Mother of All Flus as I mentioned in one of my earlier post.

For Dinner celebrations: we went to Raymond Blanc’s Brasserie. At first, I wasn’t too sure of the choice as I had dinner here before and wasn’t too impressed. But wow, it’s much better now.

Some of the food we had:

Escargot. De-shelled and packed with herbs. The snails were so tender… delish!

┬áMumakil’s fish main. She said it was superbly cook and the fish was fresh. We all know Mumakil knows her fish, don’t we? ­čśë

Papa Salvatore’s Chicken. He said it was good.

And this is my duck looking all bloody in plum sauce. Was it Halloween already? No, but it was so good. My brother was there too and had something but I forgot what it was :(. I think it was chicken just like Papa’s. The service of Blanc’s was also very attentive and friendly. Our first bottle of wine was a bit off (as detected by Papa Salvatore, of course) and was changed immediately to another wine of our choice without question nor charge. I would have enjoyed my time here greatly if I wasn’t coming down with a fever thanks to MOAF.

Oh if you ever visit Oxfordshire and want a place to stay, I recommend this hotel. That was where we stayed. The room was beautiful and the English breakfast was super.