Running Around London pt. 1: Lunch at Hampton Court Palace

Been down in London to see my aunt and cousins. They were here for a holiday for a a couple of weeks. It’s amazing that while over in Canada my sister had salmon, I too had salmon for dinner. Salmon was SKINLESS though. Argh, Sainsbury’s, how can you rob us of our salmon skin? This was prepared by my cousin, Sharon. Skinless salmon with roasted vegetables, boiled vivaldi potatoes and peas. It’s a simple fair but tasty. Thanks, Sharon.

Salmon was just lightly salted, seasoned with freshly milled black pepper and pan fried in a bit of Jersey butter.

Anyway, while I was in London, I decided to tag along and be a tourist in Hampton Court Palace. It was home to King Henry VIII, and we all know how he loves to eat. Since it was a whole day fair, we had to have lunch in the palace.

King Henry’s dining hall where he had many of his banquets. No, we didn’t get to have lunch here. We had it here instead.

Yes, it’s one of their servant kitchens. They now called this a ‘cafe’ to cater the hungry tourists. Less glamorous, I know.

I had their so called castle stew. Hmm, I like that they served it on a wooden board, but I’m pretty sure they don’t have tomatoes in medieval times. This is just some tudor sausage (really?) and pork chunks in a tomato based sauce. Well, it is tender and well seasoned… yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say about it. At £4.50, don’t expect it to be some delectable dish.

All in all, I thought the day out in Hampton Court was enjoyable.

– M.