Soupalicious fare in Toronto

OK, so I’m like a month behind in posting this. Sorry, but perhaps this may help you decide to come next year’s event…

So after arriving in Toronto from the UK, one friend’s mum had planned for us to go to this soup fare called Soupalicious.

“You will get to try 10 different types of soups from this ticket. So, hope you like soup.” She said (well, something like that). So off we went to this soupy place (Sugamama obviously came too).

From an Oxfordshire village, we came to…

… a view such as this, everything suddenly seemed so large, spacious, and modern.

Ontario Lake front, near where the Soupalicious fare was taking place.

The event was at this convention hall. Inside, there were little stalls set up by various restaurants around Toronto to showcase their soups. There was also soup cooking class/demonstration going on.

Some of the soups we tried… ¬†Also, since it’s an autumn harvest thing, most of the soups were pumpkin/squash based. If you really have an affinity of soup and pumpkin, this fare is really made for you! The noodle soup at the top right is supposed to be something else apparently by some TV personality on this program called Manhunter (I’m told it’s some tracking people in the wild kind of thing). Of all things, that particular stall FORGOT to bring their soup… so they made do with this noodles thingy, which was bland.

Eh, I don’t know why they were making soups. What’s that gotta do with man-hunting?

Anyway, the winner of soups that day was the beetroot (a.k.a. beet) soup, known as the Red Velvet soup (bottom left of the picture).

By the end of the seventh soup I was ready to call it a day. There is only so much soup I can take. Sugamama came across some ladies who also couldn’t finish all ten sampling tickets for soup and gave her theirs. Whoopie.

All in all, it was a good fare of soup slurping and perhaps ideas for making our next batch of (pumpkin/squash) soup… but I’m all souped out. >_<.


Happy Belated Canadian Thanksgiving

Oh hey, it’s been a while. Just a quick update though. Been having fun in Toronto city in Canada and got to have a thanksgiving dinner with some Canadian and Malaysian people.

So Canadian thanksgiving is like a couple weeks earlier than the USA one. Our thanksgiving dinner was somewhat a mix of food cultures: Malaysian, Chinese, and even Russian. Oh there is that turkey as well (it’s already been sliced up). Can you spot what’s what in this photo? Btw, I didn’t cook these.

Also, the weekend weather was great. We got to wear summery clothing for a while. Here’s a picture of Ontario Lake from Toronto.

I still forgot which side of the road I should be looking and also not to get into the driver’s seat. The buildings here also seem so spread out. But all in all, this city is nice to be in. Some more updates when I find the time to write them. Till then, I hope other members of Teambudu will pitch in.

-M (with Sugamama).